Captain Heck (capthek) wrote in gradschool_hell,
Captain Heck

Grading stress

I have become so cynical. When I am reading a paper and it suddenly becomes good I instantly cut and paste a sentence or two into google and so a search and yep, again and again I find that students just copied it from some place. If they were just making a mistake, it might be one of their references they cite. If they were being devious, they put some random citation after it that has no connection to the original source.

Should they just get a zero for the assignment, a Fail for the entire class when the paper is only 10% of it, or should they get expelled from the entire program/school? I am a bleeding heart and leading towards telling them its expulsion and letting them sweat it out for a few days before telling them its just a zero for the assignment.

I am also becoming so cynical that if it's a good paper, I am starting to just assume I can't find the source of the plagiarism. I guess there is a new system at our library where you can run a paper through and it can tell you what percentage is plagiarized. I am just going to automatically do this with all papers rather than spend all of the time doing google searches.

Do the rest of you increasingly find lots of plagiarism in our digital age? Not only do I warn them over and over about this, but its even covered in one of our text books as a problem of globalization and increased internet usage! I also am starting to enjoy badly worded papers, because I know actual thought went into it, even if they are hard to read.
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