Captain Heck (capthek) wrote in gradschool_hell,
Captain Heck

Student evaluations

I know that students who are getting bad grades and who are lazy will blame the instructor in their student evaluations, and there is always multiple numbers of these students, yet it still completely turns me to slime after working by ass off on what I consider to have been a very productive semester which included many compliments from students, to end it reading through anonymous insults. It just brings out the worst of some students, they get their chance to judge you back, and some take advantage of this by out right lying in a seeming attempt to get you fired???

ops, long sentence, huh? Rant continues...

I thought I would see if I could provide a space for others to vent and share on this topic. Or do you all get nothing but glowing reviews? Another thing that ticks me off, I literally could just give all of the students A's and get wonderful reviews, right? But I happen to believe that grades should actually have some kind of meaning and reward those students who were smart and/or worked very hard.

It's all so very irritating, it is making me honestly consider stacking a large final exam and paper for after they write their evaluations, so they won't really know if they are going to fail until then end. I don't structure things that way now because to really learn I feel you need more smaller assignments with feedback. But, what if it gets me a bad name when I am still only working part time and looking for a permanent job?
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