Captain Heck (capthek) wrote in gradschool_hell,
Captain Heck

Strange question for you...

I teach an online class every semester. I give students a little extra credit if they create an online website of somekind. This can include myspace, friendster, or even livejournal. My question is this, although I would never tell them about my livejournal account because what I write is way too personal, the friendster and myspace sites are much more general and just a place where I have networked with some of my long distance friends, just a couple here and there. I have had students request to be friended or joined or whatever its called. At first I just kind of ignored these requests, but now I get lots of them and I really need to make my mind up.

I don't see a big problem with it, but I hear those websites are kind of a meat market and I don't want a failing student to cyberstalk me or some strange thing. Is my worry overblown? What do you think about this? Have you done it? is it a bad idea?
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