sparowhawk (sparowhawk) wrote in gradschool_hell,

Dear Stupid Student Please READ for once in your life!

So I teach this hybridized lab. Meaning I don't have an actual lab I just show up in their lecture give them some seemingly non complicated exercise and lead them through it. This one needed java. Java was disabled on the podium computer (after I was assured it was there and working). In disgust and anoyance I sent them loose to do it for homework. The simpulation doesn't work on 90% of known computers. I get this, it's ok. So I run it, make screen shots and post it for them to look through as this material is still on their test.

The issue. 1 student out of 40 who for no reason I can understand either can't read the paper (in english, right on the top), can't look up the website and read the intro text (which does show up on all computers). Instead I am expected to explain the basics. Either that or she really want's to get on my nerves/ is really lazy. And she isn't an international student, special needs type, or English as a second language as far as I can tell.

Usually I give students the benefit of the doubt and go with them but blatantly not reading makes me pissed. There are very few times I want to reply: "Dumb ass, read the assignment for once!", however in this situation I very much want to. Grrrrrr........

Did I mention that non science majors tend to have the worst work ethic and motivation in subjects that aren't their major.... And this class isn't even mostly science or math, it's more about social issues....
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